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Online RTON <=> JSON converter (1.0.3)

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General description

On this page you can convert files of the rton format, which is used in the files of the Plants vs Zombies 2 game. The conversion takes place in the json format, which is well spread and easy to learn, it also has many editors and online services. download game resources in rton format, as well as pp.dat game progress files.

Due to hosting complaints about exceeding the tariff limit, the following measures have to be introduced: 1.5mb RTON file size limit and 3mb JSON file size limit. Hosting is paid from the funds received for the placed advertising and they are enough only for it.


In rton files, there are objects with the same property names, I made it so that properties with the same names are also created in json, which is considered incorrect, but the conversion goes in both directions. Be careful with json editors, some of them may display a warning, while others may just truncate it.

Converting an RTON file to JSON

Converting a JSON file to RTON

Gratitude and criticism

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If you find conversion errors in any of the files, please send the file via the form from the contacts page.